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  • 艺  术  家: Hayley Westenra
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Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye – Hayley Westenra 海莉·韦斯特娜

If I could take this moment forever 如果我可以感受此刻到永远
Turn the pages of my mind 回到我心中扉页
To another place and time 到另一个情境和时空
We would never say goodbye 我们决不会说再见

If I could find the words I would speak them 如果我能找到言语述说它们
Then I wouldn’t be tongue-tied 那我决不会语无伦次
When I looked into your eyes 当我凝望你的眼睛
We would never say goodbye 我们决不会说再见

If I could stop the moon ever rising 如果我能拦住月亮的上升
Day would not become the night 白天将不会变成夜晚
Wouldn’t feel this cold inside 将不会有内心的寒冷
And we’d never say goodbye 我们就不会说再见

I wish that our dreams were frozen 我期盼我们的梦境凝冻
Then our hearts would not be broken 我们的心就不会破碎
When we let each other go…当我们让彼此分离的时刻

If I could steal this moment forever 如果我能深藏此刻到永远
Paint a picture-perfect smile 描绘一幅开心的画面
So our story stayed alive 那么我们的故事依然生动
We would never say goodbye 我们决不会说再见

海莉·薇思特娜(Hayley Dee Westenra),新西兰女高音,她和英国著名歌唱家莎拉布莱曼,意大利著名歌唱家安德鲁·波切利等同属古典音乐与流行音乐的跨界歌唱家。从南半球的冠军歌手,一跃成为国际歌坛最受瞩目的闪亮新星!